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02 Aug 2017 9:02 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Organisation is instrumental to job performance success. In university many people procrastinate and submit tasks at the last minute. If you have learned how to manage your time effectively before entering the workforce, you will find that you are ahead of a number of your peers. Consider the concept that you are self-managing yourself. You need to primarily eliminate procrastination habits if this is an area in which you struggle.

1)      Make the task smaller by dividing it into sections. Have a set goal to complete each of these sections by a certain time and stick to this schedule.
2)      Find out which tasks to prioritise. This is key as some tasks can wait until another day whereas others need to be completed quickly. Speak with your supervisor about their priorities so you can determine your own schedule.
3)      If there is a task that you do not want to do it is best to do this first. Try to get them done earlier in the day so you are refreshed rather than being tempted to leave it until the last minute.
4)      Give yourself some motivation or reward for completing a task. Whether that be a 10 minute break or the promise of watching your favourite television show when you get home. This can really help your motivation.
5)      Set aside time to complete the task or enter it into your calendar so you are reminded to start working on a project.
6)      If you don’t know what to do, you should ask someone. It is better to ask someone than it is to continue putting a project aside.
7)      If you find that you have a number of projects or tasks to do that would take a short amount of time to complete, it is better to do those tasks first. This will make it easier to tackle the larger projects.
8)      What’s stopping you? Figuring out what it is that’s stopping you from starting is key in getting started.
9)      Know why you are doing the task or project. Sometimes seeing what you are contributing to the bigger picture can help you feel motivated.
10)   Rip off that Band-Aid and just do it.

Hopefully this might help you get some ideas about how to avoid procrastination.  

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